Cream Jar Packaging Feature

With the development of the times, the China Cream Jar(KEXON) packaging industry is becoming more and more significant.

SLMD Skincare approached East Hill last December 2016 as a startup wanting to launch four acne treatment products in standard and starter kit formats. East Hill produced round 50ml PP airless bottles at its China factory then skirted the minimum print quantity issue at the factory by shipping them stateside with no decoration and printed them domestically at just over 2,000 per SKU. The other product SKUs were housed in in-stock, five-layer COEX tubes in .5-, 2, 4-oz sizes, plus 1oz tubes with airless pumps that were silk screened in house, all on time for the designated launch.

“As their sales are direct via online, it’s very difficult to forecast demand early on, thus they needed a packaging solution that could be produced quickly to fill orders as needed,” James says. “We have been able to do reorders for all the tubes with an average lead-time of two weeks, allowing them to run lean with a limited inventory of finished goods on hand.

“As their orders have grown, we are now in the process of transitioning them from in-stock packaging to custom produced packaging,” he adds. “We are now running larger custom orders for them which has allowed them to reduce their overall packaging cost, but they continue to have the same look they launched with.”

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The New E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer

Brand new to the Rieke product line-up is the E-Commerce Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) , a product that has been designed from the ground up to meet ISTA 6 standards and Amazon certified.

Our talented design engineers at Rieke have incorporated a range of innovative features that make this new product not only unique, but also the first trigger sprayer product to be supplied on an e-commerce platform.

To ensure that the product was suitable for the e-commerce supply chain, where products are regularly shipped with minimal protective packaging, several design features were specifically chosen, such as:

More impact resistant, making the E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer stronger and more durable

Strengthening of the trigger to help withstand impacts during both shipping and usage

Improved design to prevent leakage, even with minimal product viscosity

Tight seal to avoid leakage while still allowing closure removal by the consumer

Rieke is committed to providing our customers with innovative products that can meet whatever their needs are, therefore the E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer has a range of available spray options.

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Plastic Bottles

Plastic Pump Foam Bottle are made of Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle Manufacturers(KEXON) manufacture. Looking for a specific type of plastic bottle or jar for your product? At McKernan Packaging Clearing House we carry many types of plastic bottles and jars to help you find your perfect packaging solution.

PET Plastic Bottles PET Plastic Bottles HDPE Plastic Bottles HDPE Plastic Bottles Polypropolyne or PP Plastic BottlesPET Plastic Bottles

Ranging in size from 5 ml up to 128 oz., McKernan has a variety of Plastic Bottles and Plastic Jars. These are made from PET, PETE, PETG, Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE and Acrylic.

McKernan carries a variety of colors in the plastic bottles and jars including many standard colors of white, clear, frost and black. In addition to these colors, you can often find champagne, blue, amber, pink, green, purple, yellow and red. Often, you will see metal colors or accents of gold and silver on the bottles and jars.

McKernan has a robust wholesale line with our Continuous Stock, and is constantly updating our Best Value line to include more options. McKernan has many plastic bottles and jars for you to choose the one that suits your needs. Best of all, McKernan’s plastic bottles and jars are in stock, and ready to ship!

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Acrylic Bottles: Both Plastic And Glass Advantages

Acrylic bottles are made of Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle Manufacturers(KEXON) manufacture.Acrylic bottles, the original acrylic packaging materials commonly known as PMMA, cosmetics bottles in the field of packaging, acrylic bottles are widely used in high-grade cream, lotion and other cosmetic packaging, welcomed by the market.

Acrylic bottles have both the characteristics of plastic: drop, light, easy to color, easy processing, the cost of acrylic bottles low, but also has a beautiful appearance of glass bottles, texture, high-grade. That is to say it allows cosmetics manufacturers to use the cost of plastic bottles to obtain the appearance of glass bottles, but also both resistance to fall, conducive to transport and so on. At present, the domestic acrylic cosmetics bottle manufacturers more concentrated place is the acrylic cream bottle Zhejiang Shangyu, where the manufacturers in the country is also the first batch began to engage in acrylic packaging production, the products are exported to Europe and the United States cosmetics bottle packaging market.

Although the acrylic bottle in the cosmetics market has been a great success, but in the food, medicine and other packaging areas have not been widely used, it is worth the acrylic bottle manufacturers to explore and explore a field.

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Common Faults And Exclusion of Sprayer Nozzles

Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) the type of plastic spray nozzle is more,Common faults and troubleshooting methods.

Abnormal tongue characteristics. If the rotating sprinkler is working, no matter in him (the impeller rocker type water deflector, or worm) blocked, water nozzle should be near the tongue in a smooth and transparent circular section in the period after the dense, dense water tongue gradually turned white and crushed; its range should not be less than the standard value of 85%, and with good atomization. Otherwise, it is abnormal for the water tongue. The causes and elimination methods are as follows: the water tongue just left the nozzle, the surface rough and opaque, but the water is still the mainstream of the tongue round, the reason is, burr or rough machining head injury. Nozzle should be polished or replaced. Water tongue just left the nozzle on the spread, there is no circular compact segment. The main reason is that the nozzle internal damage is serious, should be replaced; rectifier distortion, should be repaired or replaced; in the flow passage there are foreign bodies in the blockage, should be cleared of foreign bodies.

The range of water tongue is not enough. Range is not enough, but the water tongue atomization is still good, the main reason is that the nozzle speed is too fast, should adjust the speed of the small nozzle. The range is not enough and the water tongue is poor. The reason is that the work pressure is not enough, can press the request to adjust the high pressure.

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Use Foam Pump dispenser to ensure right amount of Foam

China Foam Pump(KEXON) are the most vital type of small bottle covers that come with a pipe to leave inside the bottle to get the Foam out by simply pressing the pump. They are available in different sizes according to the bottle cover with a lid. You can choose Foam Pump for your packaging units where bottles are filled with lotions, foams and other things.

Foam Pump are fixed on the upper part of bottle that is filled with different types of liquids, oil, gel or foam to pour and dispense a certain amount time to time. One press means a certain amount liquid comes out of the bottle. For companies where different types of products are filled in bottles for different uses, demand of such pumps increases to a great level.

Foam Pump or plastic dispenser pumps are largely required for different types of bottles that are filled with different types of liquids, foams and lotions. Some of the common applications in which these pumps are used include cleaning washing, personal care, cosmetic packaging like liquid soap, shampoo, hair condition, body lotion, body washing and shower gel.

Not to mention the specialities like no scratches, no impurities, using first- class raw material, silk screen protected, tidy products protected well in clean workshops to prevent dust and strictly quality control for the duration of whole process of production and before delivery. A top lotion pump manufacturer offers different heights and like classic down pumps. In addition, you can also choose them in your favourite colour combination and design as they are specifically designed for the pour purpose.

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Foam Pump

Our China Foam Pump(KEXON) can be used for soap, mildy wash and etc.

If you have trouble with the pump, particularly the pump “sticking” and not popping back up, check the following things:

Is the soap too thick?

This is a common problem with the pumps. To work in the foam pump bottles the liquid should be water-thin. If it is too thick, the pump won’t work properly and/or can be permanently damaged. To resolve, increase the dilution rate or use a different soap.

Is there liquid in the air chamber?

You should see it inside the chamber below the pump. If so, turn it upside down and pump a few times which should get the water out of the air chamber. If that doesn’t work (and if you are brave) take the pump apart, clean it completely, dry thoroughly and reassemble.

Is the screen clogged?

Empty the container, and flush with warm water (it won’t foam).

If the pump is clogged with dried soap, then use the pump more frequently, keeping the screen cleaned

.If the screen is clogged because of particulants in the soap, use a different liquid soap without particles in it that can clog the screen.

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Qosmedix adds Cream Jar to its sample packaging line

Qosmedix is an ISO certified global supplier to the cosmetic, skin care, spa and salon industries. Recently introduced to its rapidly expanding packaging line is a collection of new China Cream Jar(KEXON) in various colors and sizes. These convenient polypropylene pods are perfect for giving customers trial samples of creams, lotions, serums or powder based formulas.

With four sizes from which to choose (1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml), each jar is available in black, white, or natural coloring. The hinged containers easily snap shut to secure the content inside, preventing products from spilling out while travelling. Labels can be put on the lid or bottom of the container in order to let the customer know what item was used or tested.

The jars can also be customized to any color or size, and can be personalized with a company logo to further promote the individual brand.

“Qosmedix offers a variety of product sampling solutions to the beauty industry. By introducing this series of Cream jars, we are answering customer demands for an affordable sampling pod that can be easily snap closed. Not only do these pods reduce product spillage, they allow the beauty advisor to quickly provide a trial sample in a busy retail environment,” said Sari Sternschein, Director of Marketing for the company.

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It Is Very Safe To Use Plastic Pump Foam Bottle To Package Cosmetics

Plastic Bottles are made fro Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle Manufacturers(KEXON), For many companies engaged in the production of cosmetics, the Plastic Pump Foam Bottle is a very good choice for the packaging of emulsion products.

The hygienic properties of acrylic milk materials are good: it is said that the practical functions of Plastic Pump Foam Bottle for packaging cosmetics are very secure. The fundamental reason is that the hygienic properties of acrylic materials are very good. It can guarantee that the lotion bottles do not contain toxic and harmful costs and will not emit obvious odors. The lotion bottle does not contaminate the cosmetics when it is used.

Acrylic material has good aging resistance: Because acrylic material has very good anti-aging properties, even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will not change in performance, and it can still maintain stable performance and structure, so the life of acrylic lotion bottle Longer, long-term protection of cosmetics.

Acrylic material is very resistant to falling: Plastic Pump Foam Bottle has the characteristic of resistance to falling, even if it is collided during transportation, or it is dropped, it will not appear structural damage, and it can reliably protect cosmetics with stable and perfect structure.

In addition, the performance of the Plastic Pump Foam Bottle is very stable, it is not easy to contact with certain substances and is influenced by external factors, and it changes in performance, and can be used for a long period of time with stable performance.

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China Cream Jar Cosmetic

How can China Cream Jar(KEXON) packaging achieve exquisite results? Many China Cream Jar designers and cosmetic manufacturers are very concerned about it. After all, people hope that the packaging can achieve the effect of “buying and selling the Pearl”, so that their cosmetics can stand out on the dazzling shelves.

The effect that can make the China Cream Jar carve, will naturally present the exquisite effect. The traditional Cream Jar is difficult to carve, so it is very difficult to achieve. Besides blowing with moulds, ordinary plastic bottles are difficult to carve. The crystal glass bottle is capable of cutting and cutting.

Many high-end perfume bottles and car perfume bottles are carve and look very beautiful. However, the high cost of crystal bottle packaging will naturally increase the cost of cosmetic packaging. Here we will focus on acrylic cosmetic bottles, which are easy to cut and carve out all kinds of shapes and sizes. Acrylic cosmetic bottle is low in cost and very suitable for large-scale use.

China Cream Jar using back carving method, the product is often very three-dimensional sense, after flame polishing fill color, very beautiful.

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